100 gecs remix “One Step Nearer” for the 20th anniversary of the hybrid concept

Linkin Park’s seminal album Hybrid Theory was released twenty years ago (technically twenty-one, now) in 2000, and the group released a 20th anniversary edition of the album last year, with revivals by a number of artists. Even in 2021, they keep the celebration going with an additional reanimation of “One Step Closer” from experimental hyperpop gods, 100 Gecs.

The results bridge the gap between the eras of the musical revolution when 100 Gecs – Dylan Brady and Laura Les – invent an otherworldly rendition of “One Step Closer” that preserves the signature intensity of the original while breaking new ground with Gecs and their own vocals in addition to production. Kindred spirits, Linkin Park set a precedent for genre bending in 2000, and 100 gecs will pick up this coat and run with it in 2021.

“Part of the spirit of reanimation was taking the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well and having innovative artists flip them in ways no one expected,” said Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. “I think 100 gecs did just that.”

Check out the totally unexpected revival below.

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