1001tracklists publishes a complete report on the state of dance music in 2020

The “2020 was a tough year” is shared fairly generally and repeated by 1001 track lists in the opening sentence of them Stand of dance music 2020 Report. As one of the best sites for collecting data on sets of all artists, 1001 offers a unique perspective and insight into trends and popularity of songs that are not just streaming numbers.

One of the big effects of 2020 was more sets than ever before – even without traditional festivals, live streams flourished and artists who normally would not or could not get a place on a personal show were given platforming entities from various entities to showcase their talents demonstrate. According to 1001, sets and mixes added to their platform this year are up 30% year over year. (This could of course also be due to the ease of recording and analysis of live streaming sets compared to traditional personal sets.)

In total, over 53,000 individual track lists were added in 2020.

The house dominated, with the bass house dominating 14.4% of the lists, the traditional house 13.2% and the future house just under 13%. Oddly enough, the bass music didn’t even really help. Dubstep, hardstyle, drum & bass and other bass-heavy styles seem to be grouped together with 4.4% in the “other” category. This, in turn, could be due to the sheer volume of streams handed out by artists like David Guetta, Diplo, and others that were purely home showcases.

You can see the full breakdown of the top labels, radio shows, and even songs by genre Here.

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