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Tips for Renting Bouncehouses with Water Slides & Obstacles

Nov 22

Bounce House Rentals Mansfield can be rented for a small party if you are concerned about noise. The reason is obvious. Bounce houses are very loud! There are many safe options available for indoor parties. You can find smaller versions that fit in a closet and basement. Then, you can have a wet slide attached, too!

Before renting a bounce house, think about the surface that you would like to place it on. If it is outdoors, choose grass or a soft surface. Concrete and asphalt are too slippery to be used as bounce houses. Also, consider whether the bouncehouse will be placed on a parking lot or driveway. A surface that is soft and easy to clean is the best. Consider the size of your outdoor space when planning an outdoor event. Make sure you have enough room to set up the inflatable.

The most common size is small bounce houses

They are around six feet wide, and are generally for younger children. You can find larger bounce houses that can hold smaller groups of children. The size of your bouncehouse will determine how much money you spend. While they may be expensive, they are worth the money and will help you keep your event hopping! You can even rent one for an entire neighborhood or block!

It is important to know how many people will use the bounce house before you rent it. Because inflatables can hold larger groups, renting more bounce houses is a good idea. You can rent more than 1 depending on how many children you have and what their sizes are. Renting smaller bounce houses is a good option if you have small children. If you intend to rent them, you can rent larger ones.

Consider how many children will be attending your party when booking a bounce house. You can rent one small bounce house if there are only a few kids. If your party will have many children, renting two or three bounce houses may be necessary. The size of your inflatable will determine the number, but the bounce house's ability to hold more people is equally important.

When you're shopping for a bounce house, you should ensure that it comes with clear instructions. Some inflatables do come without instructions. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase. The manufacturer might have recalled an inflatable if it doesn't come with an instruction manual. Always read the labels when buying a bounce house. Also, check the manufacturer's website to find safety information.