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The Role of Mathematics in Different Casino Games

Dec 24

The Role of Mathematics in Different Casino Games


Casino games are very common worldwide, however, not everyone knows the mathematics behind their favorite live casino games, which is highly recommended for those interested in trying their luck and winning.


If we talk about statistics, the queen of the casino is casino roulette. In its European format, the most common with a single zero, the strategy for the house to win is based on awarding the prizes as if there were 36 numbers, when in fact there are 37. For basic bets, these are such as color, Even or odd and first or second half, the prize to the winner is the same amount bet. Yet, zero is not included in its possible results, since it is betting only on 18 of the 37 numbers on the table.


Thus, if we change bets we will find different mathematical formulas that can allow us to have a better chance of winning in a spin, but in which we risk losing more money. Here we refer to the method that many players use of betting the same amount on two of the three dozen at the table. For example, if a person puts the same chips on two of them, he will have almost a 65% chance of winning on each spin. However, the problem is that if we bet 10, five in each dozen, at least we are sentencing five, so that the winnings of 15 only report half of what we played, in addition to there are possibilities, 35% , that we lose all 10.


The probability of the cards

In this way we can continue looking for mathematical formulas that allow us to obtain greater hopes of winning money at roulette with the multiple betting possibilities that we find in this game governed by pure mathematics.


There are two other casino classics such as live blackjack and poker. In these card games, you have to analyze the cards on the table very well to know what plays could occur when all are discovered and thus know if you have a hand to win or not.


Slots are away from math

Finally, one of the great games of the casino is the slot machines, which are no longer governed by mathematical formulas, statistics or probabilities. In this case, there is a pure chance that will determine whether you win or lose, with impressive jackpots in most cases that are a great incentive to try.


In fact, online casinos have grown a lot in recent years, expanding all over the planet together with technological advances that ensure that gambling is safe, responsible and everything is under control.


For this reason, there are currently very different types of online games, where we can find some very popular settings, such as those of historical characters Spartacus or Cleopatra, as well as the most typical ones with fruits for those lovers of the casinos’ classicism. Also, based on their importance, it is common to come across bidding bonuses to get some free spins on some of the most popular slots of the moment.


It is precisely the framework of these machines that has benefited the most from the explosion of internet casinos, a growth that has forced several countries to renew their gambling laws. Its attractive and different appearances and themes created with specialized software have changed the world of a game that dominates its sector worldwide.


In short, within casinos, lovers of mathematics have their place reserved, especially in roulette, where statistics play a fundamental role. The probability is within other card games, this being another alternative for them, while those people who shy away from this possibly feel more comfortable in the slot machines.