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BioPoxy 36 Kit

Oct 27

BioPoxy36 Kit A two-part epoxy resin kit that is used to repair and reconstruct wooden structures. The BioPoxy 36 Kit is comprised of two tubes of epoxy with one hardener, and one resin. There are gloves as well as a mixing stick, and an sanding block in the kit.

First, mix two of the components of epoxy to create the BioPoxy 36 kit. Then, apply the mix of epoxy on the surface of the wood using the supplied brush. The epoxy should dry for at least 24 hours before you sand or paint.

The BioPoxy 36 Kit is perfect to fix holes, cracks and other damage to wood surfaces. This kit can be used to fix damaged furniture or to create custom pieces.

Risks of BioPoxy 36 Kit:

The BioPoxy 36 Kit can not be used for the repair of metal or plastic.

-The BioPoxy 36 Kit is not suitable for use on surfaces that are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

Do not utilize the BioPoxy 36 Kit in proximity to burning flames.

If you are looking for an easy way to fix wood then the BioPoxy 36 Kit is an excellent choice. The kit is a great tool to repair holes, cracks, and other damages to furniture and DIY projects. Remember that the BioPoxy 36 Kit can't be used on plastic or metal and is not recommended for use near open flames. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and allow the epoxy ample time to dry prior to using the item repaired. This handy tool allows you to easily and quickly repair wood-based projects. Available both online and in stores The BioPoxy 36 Kit is available to be purchased. Buy it now!

This product isn't intended to be a long-term repair, but rather an opportunity to patch things up until you are able to replace the item or create repairs that are more durable. The BioPoxy 36 Kit is able to be used on wood, glass, ceramic, and tile. It is also able to fill small holes or cracks in concrete. The kit contains two epoxy tubes along with a hardener and one applicator. You will need your own gloves and rags as well as an applicator. The BioPoxy 36 Kit makes it easy to quickly repair your wood-based projects. Buy it today! Thank you for reading!

It is important to note that the BioPoxy 36 Kit should not be used on metal or plastic. Additionally, it is essential to follow the instructions with care and allow the epoxy time to cure before you can use the repaired item. Thank you for reading!

The BioPoxy 36 Kit is a great product for making quick repairs to wood projects. It's easy to use, and the results last a long time. Get your BioPoxy 36 Kit now! Thanks for reading!

This product is not intended to be applied to plastic or metal. Please read the instructions and allow the epoxy to cure thoroughly prior to attempting to repair the product. Thank you for taking the time to read! BioPoxy 36 kit contains two epoxy tubes, one hardener, and one applicator. You will need your own gloves, rags, and an applicator. It is possible to make repairs to wood-based projects using the BioPoxy 36 kit! Grab yours today! Thank you for reading! Please note that this product should not be applied to plastic or metal.


BioPoxy 36 is great to make repairs to wood-based projects. It is quick and easy to use and the results last for a long time. Get your BioPoxy 36 Kit today! The product is not suggested to be used on plastic or metal. Follow the directions and allow epoxy to dry thoroughly before using the item to repair. The BioPoxy 36 kit contains two epoxy tubes and one hardener. You'll require your own gloves as well as rags and an applicator. You can do quick repairs to wood projects with the BioPoxy 36 kit!

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