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Explore premium living in Singapore's prime district with Watten House

Nov 2

Introduction: In the heart of Bukit Timah, the buzz of anticipation surrounds the transformation of the former Watten Residences into the luxurious Watten House. This upcoming freehold condominium stands out as a gem in one of Singapore's most prestigious neighborhoods, promising an opulent lifestyle with connectivity and serenity at its core.

Watten House: A New Beacon of Luxury Living

Watten House's Desirable Location and Connectivity

Imagine residing where convenience meets luxury – Watten House embodies this with its strategic location. A mere stone's throw from the Tan Kah Kee MRT Station (DT8) and the Botanic Gardens MRT Station (CC19), residents are assured seamless access to Singapore's comprehensive public transport network. The splendor of living in a five-storey block comprising 286 premium units is just the beginning of the story.

The Unrivaled Comforts of Watten House's Prime Area

What truly sets Watten House apart is its unrivaled setting. Positioned within walking distance to Singapore's top educational institutes, the development also boasts an array of dining and shopping destinations at its doorstep. The tranquil pathways and verdant greenery are an invitation to a serene and idyllic lifestyle.

Exploring the Unique Aspects of Watten House

Freehold Development with a Rich History

Delve into the history of Watten House, situated on Shelford Road, District 11 – an area steeped in heritage and prestige. This substantial plot of 220,241 square feet has a narrative intertwined with Singapore's development saga, now poised for its next chapter under the visionary guidance of UOL Group and Singapore Land Group (SingLand).

The Strategic Acquisition of Watten House

The acquisition story is as intriguing as the development itself. In a competitive bid, UOL Group and SingLand won the coveted Watten Estate Condominium with a decisive $550 million bid. This move not only marks a significant milestone for the consortium but also for the luxury real estate market in Singapore.

The Exquisite Architecture and Amenities of Watten House

A Glimpse into Watten House's Architectural Splendor

Watten House isn't just about its location – its architecture promises to be a visual treat. With a modern facade that harmoniously blends with the lush surroundings, the condominium is a testament to contemporary design principles coupled with luxurious living spaces.

Indulgent Amenities for an Elevated Lifestyle

Beyond the beauty lies the bounty of amenities at Watten House. Each feature, from the outdoor Pavilion to the Clubhouse, is crafted to provide exclusive and memorable experiences. It's not just a residence; it's a space where life's finest moments are to be cherished.

The Exclusivity and Serenity of Watten House Living

Watten House: A Symbol of Prestigious Enclave Living

Reside in an area renowned for its upscale bungalows and elite educational institutions. Watten House is not just a residence; it's a status symbol, offering a lifestyle coveted by many but acquired by a discerning few.

The Seamless Shopping and Dining Experience Near Watten House

Revel in the convenience of retail therapy and gourmet experiences just minutes from your doorstep. From the nearby Coronation Shopping Plaza to the renowned Orchard Road shopping belt, Watten House residents have the world at their fingertips.

Connectivity and Transport Links Around Watten House

The Convenience of Transit Options at Watten House

Connectivity is king, and Watten House reigns supreme. Encircled by major expressways and MRT lines, this development ensures that whether it's to the bustling Central Business District or the vibrant Orchard Road, residents are well-connected.

Watten House's Strategic Road Network

Navigating from Watten House is a breeze with easy access to expressways such as PIE, AYE, CTE, and BKE. These thoroughfares offer residents the luxury of time, making commutes faster and stress-free.

Sustainability and Green Living at Watten House

Watten House: A Stone's Throw from Nature's Bounty

Positioned near The Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Watten House offers residents a sanctuary amidst the 'Green lungs of Singapore'. It's a harmonious balance of urban living and nature's tranquility.

Eco-friendly Practices at Watten House

Sustainability is not an afterthought at Watten House. Eco-friendly features and practices are seamlessly integrated into the development, ensuring that residents can enjoy a green lifestyle without compromising on luxury.

A Gourmet's Paradise Near Watten House

Culinary Delights Around Watten House

Bukit Timah, synonymous with fine dining and eclectic eateries, positions Watten House at the heart of a food lover's haven. From local delights at Adam Road Food Centre to upscale dining experiences, residents are spoiled for choice.

The Gastronomic Adventure Awaiting Watten House Residents

Embark on a gastronomic journey just steps from your residence. With a variety of dining options, every meal can be an adventure in taste and culture.

Shopping and Entertainment Near Watten House

Retail Therapy Close to Watten House

Retail enthusiasts have much to celebrate with Watten House's proximity to Singapore's shopping mecca. Discover the pleasure of finding everything you desire, from daily necessities to luxury brands, within a short commute.

Entertainment and Leisure Around Watten House

Entertainment options abound for residents of Watten House. Whether it's a tranquil stroll in the Singapore Botanic Gardens or an exciting day out at Gardens by the Bay, leisure activities are just a heartbeat away.

The Future is Bright for Watten House

Watten House Showflat: A Preview of Grandeur

The unveiling of the Watten House showflat is a much-anticipated event. While not located on-site, it offers a glimpse into the refined elegance that future residents can expect.

Watten House: A Legacy in the Making

As the Watten House story unfolds, it promises to be a narrative of grandeur, luxury, and unmatched living. The future holds great potential for this iconic development.


Watten House is more than just a home; it's a lifestyle choice that offers the ultimate in luxury, connectivity, and green living. With its blend of modern amenities, strategic location, and commitment to sustainability, Watten House stands poised to become one of Singapore's most sought-after addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Watten House unique? Watten House is a freehold condominium that boasts a prime location near prestigious schools, lush greenery, and unparalleled accessibility with close proximity to MRT stations and shopping centers.

  2. Who is behind the development of Watten House? UOL Group and Singapore Land Group (SingLand) are the visionary developers transforming the former Watten Estate Condominium into the luxurious Watten House.

  3. What amenities does Watten House offer? Residents of Watten House will enjoy a plethora of amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, outdoor pavilions, and more, all designed to cater to a luxurious lifestyle.

  4. When is the expected completion date for Watten House? The completion date for Watten House has not been announced yet. Prospective buyers and investors are encouraged to stay tuned for the latest updates.

  5. How can I view the Watten House showflat? The Watten House showflat is available for viewing by appointment. Interested parties are advised to book a visit to experience firsthand the sophistication and elegance that Watten House has to offer.

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