5 Marvel characters Joe Manganiello could be good to play with


However, at this moment, can you imagine any greater potential honor (especially with regards to comic film casting) than following in the footsteps of an actor who forever redefined a classic superhero role on screen? I’m talking, of course, of Hugh Jackman, who retired from the role of Wolverine with the stunning Oscar-nominated Logan in 2017 and left the door open for another to inherit the claws for the MCU’s official reboot of the X-Men Film franchise. Why not Joe Manganiello?

Now I would like to admit once again that this casting proposal is not my original. However, if we redirect the actor’s filmography and refer again to his portrayals of animalistic mutant creatures (True Blood), sarcastic idiots (Magic Mike and How I Met Your Mother), and ice-cold badasses (everyone really), it’s clear that the choice is yours is as solid as adamantium.

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