50 first dates: 10 details behind the scenes in regards to the Adam Sandler movie

50 First Dates was originally a Seattle drama with a different title

The setting and tone of 50 First Dates help make the film stand out all these years later, but the comedic elements, Hawaiian setting, and even the title were all originally different. During an interview on The Dating Scene, Drew Barrymore revealed that when she first viewed the project, it was called 50 First Kisses and is set in rain-soaked Seattle instead of the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

During a conversation with Huff Post a decade after they released 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore revealed that, along with its different name and setting, the film was originally more of a drama than the comedy we know today. It wasn’t until Adam Sandler got the project under control that its more dramatic elements were swapped for a more upbeat and positive sentiment.

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