7 Greatest New Exhibits to Watch on Netflix in February 2021

Wondering what to watch on Netflix? The so-called king of streaming services never stops, which means there’s a whole bunch of new TV shows hitting this month you’re gonna want to watch. And as usual, Netflix’s new shows are covering their bases, with everything from docuseries to domestic dramas to international sci-fi epics.

If you’re looking for the latter, keep an eye out for Tribes of Europa, a new action-packed dystopian drama from the producers of Dark. If you’re in the mood for something more relatable and less apocalyptic, you’re gonna want to add Firefly Lane and Ginny & Georgia to your watchlist. And if you just want to straight-up relax? Well, Nadiya Bakes is just the ticket.

Check out the details on those series and the rest of the must-watch new shows on Netflix below. And if none of these strike your fancy, you’ll find a complete list of all the new series and movies on Netflix in Feburary right here.


Firefly Lane


Image via Netflix

Available: February 3

If you’re in the mood for a twisty-turny mystery that’s also a heartfelt story of friendship and sisterhood Firefly Lane should keep you binge-watching all the way through. Based on the novel by Kristen Hannah, Firefly Lane is a great showcase for Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke (a pair of often underrated actors), who star as lifelong best friends in a story that skips through the decades, charting the ups and downs of their relationships and how they help each other through them. So if you’re looking for a melodrama with the pacing of a page-turner, Firefly Lane should be at the top of your watchlist.

Buried by the Bernards


Image via Netflix

Available: February 12

You might not expect a reality show set in a funeral home to be so much fun, but Buried by the Bernards is a surprisingly energetic and entertaining trip behind the curtain of what’s usually a solemn business. A reailty-sitcom hybrid of sorts, Buried by the Bernards introduces us to the title family that operates R. Bernard Funeral Services and offers an unexpected look at the heart, humor, and humanity they pour into their unusual family business. It’s not that the Bernards are cavalier or disrespectful in their levity, but the series shows how their closeness to the business of death only makes them more lively, and how their enduring positive spirit helps heal along the way.

Nadiya Bakes

Image via Netflix

Available: February 12

Who hasn’t been doing a little extra baking during social distancing? Along with gardening, Zoom calls, and, of course, binge-watching, baking has become one of the most common comforts we’ve had over the last year. You can combo those last two comforts with Nadiya Bakes, a vibrant and breezy new cooking show on Netflix. Hosted by Great British Baking Show standout Nadiya Hussain, the half-hour series is a burst of good energy with some knockout recipes that bring Nadiyah’s signature spin on more traditional deserts… along with the radiant charisma that made audiences root for her as a GBBS contestant.

The Crew


Image via Netflix

Available: February 15

As more and more companies launch their own in-house streaming services, Netflix has steadily lost the rights to many of their most popular sitcoms, and they’ve struggled to recreate that kick-back-and-relax comedy comfort watch that makes people flock to their favorites over and over again. With The Crew, Netflix looks to tap into the old school sitcom format bolstered by the star appeal of The King of Queens star Kevin James. Created by Jeff Lowell (The Ranch) workplace comedy stars James as the crew chief of a NASCAR racing team, who find their tried-and-true ways thrown for a loop when the owner retires and hands the reigns to his Stanford-educated, data-driven daughter (Jillian Mueller).

Amend: The Fight for America


Image via Netflix

Available: February 17

Hosted by Will SmithAmend: The Fight for America is a six-part docuseries dedicated to exploring the history of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Featuring a star-studded lineup of performers that recite historical passages, alongside historians and experts to provide context, Amend seeks to chronicle the history of one of the Constitution’s most vital amendments, exploring who has and has not been endowed with the rights promised in that Constitution throughout our troubled history, and driving home exactly why it’s called a “living document”. From slavery to women’s suffrage to the issues dominating today’s discourse, Amend promises to offer in-depth and entertaining education on a too-often under-investigated amendment – one that defines the very concept of citizenship in our nation.

Tribes of Europa


Image via Netflix

Available: February 19

If it’s a dystopian sci-fi epic you’re craving, Netflix pretty much always has you covered, and the latest apocalyptic adventure is Tribes of Europa. From the producers of the Netflix hit Dark, Tribes of Europa takes place in a future set decades after some mystery event made technology “go crazy”, introducing us to a new society where the new micro-societies war for dominance. The fairly wild first trailer revealed a cheeky-meets-grim take on the dystopian sci-fi genre that looks like an action-packed Dark-meets-The 100 hybrid, with all the leather-clad woodsy warriors, fighting pits, and mysterious floating cubes your heart could desire.

Ginny & Georgia


Image via Netflix

Available: February 24

Fans of Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, and other addictive suburban dramedies of their ilk, take notice – Netflix’s new series Ginny & Georgia looks to fill the white-picket-fenced hole in your heart. The series follows the free-spirited and charismatic Georgia Miller (Brianna Howey) and her much less confident teenage daughter Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry), a mismatched mother-daughter duo who settle down for a new life in a picturesque New England town. While Ginny navigates the highs and lows of high school life, Georgia has to find a way to escape her past while building the life for her family she always dreamed of. With a bit of drama, a lot of laughs, and a charming ensemble cast, Ginny & Georgia promises a binge-worthy and heartfelt story for multiple generations.

The cast of The Great North

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