9 2020 Shudder Films That You Actually Should See

With a global pandemic outbreak, the discovery of Murder Hornets, and apparent evidence of real UFOs, we can all agree that life has felt like a horror movie lately and the title is 2020. Fortunately, many ways have found themselves distracted from the madness through entertainment and, ironically, if you’re like me, horror films like Host were your choice of escape. In fact, the film is just one of several new horror films released exclusively on Shudder that have kept me and others entertained throughout the year.

The streaming platform has been a reliable port of call for years for all the mysterious, macabre and even morbidly cheesy things that house undisputed classics and lovable hidden gems. Much of Shudder’s own fresh, exclusive content has also proven to be just as good as anything considered the staple of the genre, and his original films, released in 2020 alone, are certainly no exception.

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