ABC’s Large Sky Premiere: Grade It!


Big sky, bigger twist.

David E. Kelley’s ABC drama debuted Tuesday and introduced to viewers Cody Hoyt (played by Shooter’s Ryan Phillippe) and Cassie (Pitch’s Kylie Bunbury), private investigators and sometimes romantic partners, whose lives are quickly complicated by Jenny (Katheryn Winnick of the Vikings), the ex-cop who also estranges Cody (and very angry) is. Wife. Jenny tracks down Cassie at a bar and they get into a fist fight that takes them both to an emergency clinic. But the trio’s love triangle quickly fades into the background when Cody and Jenny’s teenage son Justin reports that his girlfriend may have disappeared. (Don’t worry: before that happens, Cody – who must have been with Cassie recently – shakes Jenny in his log cabin.)

What we know, but the rubber shoe trio don’t: Two sisters, Grace and Danielle, are on a road trip to visit Danielle’s friend – the aforementioned Justin. At some point, they barely miss running into a big truck driven by a man named Ronald. And the reason we know his name is Ronald is a) we saw his mother, who he still lives with at the age of 38, berate him and b) we spent enough time with him before then to watch him a tase sex worker at a truck stop.

Anyway, to avoid the traffic on the freeway, Danielle and Grace are rerouting onto roads near Yellowstone National Park. And when their car breaks down, they are horrified to find that Ronald is the only other vehicle on the road near them. He gets out of his taxi, breaks both windows in the girls’ car and feels them over. You wake up tied up in the back of his truck next to the sex worker whose name is Michelle.

Michelle is wrapped in plastic like a Dexter Special, but she’s still alive. And when the women start making noise, Ronald stops to see what’s going on. They manage to get a crack on him – Michelle stabs him in the throat with a teasing comb, which I like so much – but he still manages to get them all into submission. When they wake up, they are chained up in a storage bin somewhere in a warehouse.

After some browsing, Cody goes to the place where the girls disappeared. He meets with a Montana state police officer named Rick (John Carroll Lynch of American Horror Story), who tells him that several young women have disappeared in the area in the recent past. Rick acts like a cop, a bit conservative (if the scenes with his wife, whom he calls “mother”, are any indication). But he also seems harmless … until he shoots Cody in the face at close range (!) And then makes a phone call.

“Ronald,” says Rick, very dissatisfied, “you were sloppy.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the premiere? Did the phrase surprise you? Rate the episode using the poll below, then click on the comments!

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