Abigail Breslin closes “disgusting” COVID-19 remark whereas her father “fights for his life”

Abigail Breslin strikes back after a social media user hurled insults at her father, who is currently on a ventilator after signing up for COVID-19.

The Little Miss Sunshine Star revealed this week that her father, Michael Breslinis taking “great care” after testing positive for the disease. “I ask for prayers and positivity that my father received in this way,” she wrote on Instagram.

One user commented, “A fake a– virus that only kills weak a– people.”

Breslin wrote back, “You’re gross,” and posted a screenshot of the conversation on her feed on Feb.12. She wrote: “People like this are the reason people like my father fight for his life. What a shame.”

She has been keeping fans up to date on her father’s health all week. On February 10, the 24-year-old tweeted, “All I can say is this: Covid is never more real until you’ve experienced it firsthand or through a loved one. It’s unpredictable and relentless. My father was incredibly careful and did it not done.” I haven’t left home since the beginning, except for doctor’s appointments. Please be safe. YOU’RE WELCOME. ”

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