Actress Stacey Sprint turns 54, the picture seems GREAT !!

Stacey Dash turned 54 on Wednesday, and paparazzi pictures revealed the actress was still looking gorgeous leaving a Los Angeles business meeting.

Stacey Dash certainly has her flaws, but beauty isn’t one of them even at 54. In the pictures, Stacey’s body looked amazing and her face is as stunning as ever.


Stacey Dash is an actress and former talk show host. In 2012, she changed party membership from Democratic to Republican and endorsed the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. Since then she has become more and more conservative – she often says horribly racist things about black people.


Dash played Dionne Marie Davenport in the 1995 film Clueless and its television series of the same name.[3] She has also appeared in the films Moving, Mo ‘Money, Renaissance Man and View from the Top. Dash’s other television works include appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Single Ladies and the reality TV show Celebrity Circus.

She has also appeared in music videos for Carl Thomas’ “Emotional” and Kanye West’s “All Falls Down”.

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