Adam22 discusses YNW Melly and the truth that he interviewed the rapper with the lads Melly allegedly killed

According to Hot New Hip Hop, although YNW Melly is currently behind bars on very serious murder charges, he has stopped some musical projects in the recent past. For example, the point of sale says it posted a new record in late 2020.

As previously reported, the rapper reported to authorities back in 2019 after he was accused of murdering two of his close friends, YNW Sakchaser and JNW Juvy. The police accused Melly of double homicide and he has been in jail ever since.

Hot New Hip Hop says the worst about the murders had to do with the close relationship between the men involved. They were all part of the YNW collective, and it seemed like things were going well between them.

During an interview with VladTV this weekend Adam22 touched on some of the conversations he’d had with rappers in the past, including Melly. Adam22 says one of the interviews went viral, including the one where he spoke to Melly with the two men the rapper was later accused of killing while sitting next to him.

Adam22 said the interview was strange for that reason. Who would have known the men would have ended up like they did? Adam22 began his comments by claiming that the interview with members of the YNW collective did not go well. Check out the following conversation:

Interestingly, Adam22 says that the part of the interview that later went viral was when the rapper said he didn’t get anyone’s name tattooed unless they were dead. Obviously, YNW Melly was accused of later killing both of them.

In early 2020, YNW Melly hit the headlines after it was reported that he tried to get Kanye West to get him out of jail. YNW Melly, who once worked on a song with West, is said to have asked the founder of GOOD Music to get him out of there, but of course it never worked.


Fans know that Kanye’s wife, Kim, has successfully released other convicts from prison despite not being charged with murder and other violent crimes.

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