Alec Baldwin defends Ms. Hilaria after she is accused of faking her Spanish accent

December 27th Ireland BaldwinAlec’s 25-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Kim Basinger also defended their stepmother in their Instagram story.

She said, “It’s so pathetic that everyone wants to play a detective and delve so deep into the life of someone they don’t know about, don’t know how they were raised, don’t know who actually raised them. It is just kind of sad and pathetic. And besides, it’s like on vacation, people are depressed, people go through a lot. I know I go through a lot personally. And the last thing we really have to do is do shit and Gossip about something is just so, so stupid. And about someone nobody really knows. “

The DJ added that Hilaria is “really nice” and “a caring person who has always respected my relationship with my father and I have a great relationship with her.”

“She could be a mean, terrible, terrible person who takes people down, but she isn’t,” Ireland continued. “Hilaria is a wonderful mother who cares very much about her children and who cares a lot about my father and that is all that is really important to me.”

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