Alex Garland’s subsequent movie is a horror movie set within the UK

The director has given up his idea for a television series about the ineffective state of the protests after the powerful events of this summer.


Now that the fans had a chance to catch up Alex GarlandSci-Fi series developerThe British filmmaker is preparing his next feature film and I’m excited.

Empire reports that Garland has written and will direct a low budget horror film that will be set in the UK. There’s no title yet and Garland is still planning funding, but he hopes to start production next spring or summer depending on the cast’s availability.

“I wrote a low-budget horror film that is set in the UK,” Garland told Empire on the previous issue. “I don’t know if it’s unrealistic or not.” Always at this moment a movie always feels unrealistic, but then it kind of works. ”

Alex Garland New Horror Film

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Garland is the acclaimed screenwriter behind it Danny Boyle‘s 28 days later and sunshine, as well as Dredd and never let Me Go. He made his directorial debut with the 2014 thriller Ex machina With Domnhall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac before we move on to the science fiction horror movie destruction With Natalie Portman and Isaac.

The Oscar-nominated writer had been planning a new television series about the ineffective and superficial state of protests in recent years, but that idea went out the window after the events of that summer when millions of people around the world headed for the streets in the US Supported Black Lives Matter after death of George Floyd.

“At some point, with civil disobedience, you have to start smashing things. So I wrote about the need to smash things, ”Garland explained. But when he saw the palpable anger that reigned in the streets of big cities and towns, he felt that the series, which had several of Devs’ actors, was unnecessary.

Alex Garland New Horror Film

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“I thought, ‘What I’m writing now is pointless.’ In the right sense, I was almost happy, weird. ”Then Garland decided to turn to the new horror film.

I’m really relieved to see Garland return to the world of features as it was difficult to get into Devs. He served as the creator, writer, director, and showrunner on the Cerebral series, and while some swore by it, others found the material difficult to penetrate. I watched an episode or two and realized it wasn’t for me. It seems my patience wears off at my age and the days are over when I would take a friend’s word that I just had to give The cable five episodes before it started. The TV landscape is just too competitive these days. You need to address the audience from the start as this second episode is no longer a given.

But that’s just a man’s perspective. Colliders Haleigh Foutch beloved developers, and you can click here to read their four-star review or click here to check out Christina Radish‘s thoughtful interview with Garland.



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