Always remember Jason Statham’s rave-worthy position in The Shamen’s Music Video

We could all use a good throwback – so let’s worship the action hero Jason Statham in his “Oiled Buff Guy” role for The shameThe enthusiastic music video for “Comin ‘On”.

Before taking on sturdy blockbuster parts for Snatch, Crank, Spy, the Fast & Furious series, and many more, Statham landed this compelling role where he was danced in leopard print panties. With all of the psychedelic powers in the video, he somehow still manages to steal the show.

This is by no means the first time Statham has been identified in The Shamen’s music video – it’s been a known fact for years (just read the YouTube comments). But now that it has recently surfaced again, we’ve started thinking why we shouldn’t revisit the classic.

Incidentally, Statham seems to have an affinity for dance music, as he also performed in Calvin Harris‘2014 music video for “Summer”. Someone has to occupy it again immediately.

When we look back, the 90s raver kid screams inside all of us. Enjoy!

The shame – arise

Source: UNILAD

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