America Ferrera, Andy Cohen and different stars share their youngsters’s heartwarming ideas on Inauguration Day

Inauguration of the President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris already affects the next generation.

The couple were officially sworn in at the 2021 President’s inauguration on Wednesday, January 20, and perhaps none have been more inspired than the young children of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

America Ferrera shared a tearful selfie of herself and her 2 year old son Sebastian Piers Williams (with a bear emoji on his face). The superstore star shared a few questions he asked her all day: “Why are you crying?” “What is Democracy?” ‘Where has JLo walk? ‘”Noting that it was” a bit easier to answer Baz’s questions today. “

The aptly named actress said, “So much work building the world our babies should inherit. Grateful for today’s victory,” before quoting the poet Amanda Gorman‘s powerful opening speech.

However, Baz wasn’t the only famous child clearly moved by the swearing-in.

Andy Cohen watched the ceremony while holding his 1 year old son’s hand Benjamin Allen Cohen. The presenter of Watch What Happens Live summed up the historic moment from her comfortable couch by poetically writing “Us The Future Us”.

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