Ammika Harris shares new images with followers praising her flawless look

Ammika Harris shared a couple of new pictures on her social media account with fans praising her look like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the post she shared on her IG account.

Someone said, ‘I love it !!! Hair Guy did a great job !! ‘and another follower posted this message:’ Do you take hair supplements or is it naturally that full? ???????? ‘

Another commenter said, ‘ICY????! Omg your hair! It’s long and it looks like your ends are light brown. ‘

Someone else said, ‘Mika? I have eyelashes straight. How do you keep your eyelashes so curled? & which mascara do you use? ❤️ ‘and another follower posted:’ I admired your natural look so much that you are truly a natural beauty queen ♥ ️???????? ‘

One fan said, “It’s good for our minds and souls if we just peel off our painted faces and show off our natural true beauty … you’re cute with / without makeup Mikaaa????????????.”

Someone else said, “Nice, loving, how your new cut turned out” and another commenter posted this message, “What kind of hairbrush straightener was that you had before?” @ammikaaa I tried to find it and just forgot what it was 🙁 ‘

One follower said, “Can you tell us which eye cream you use? ♥ ️ ‘

In other news, Ammika Harris has taken some pretty fun moves on social media. Check out the clip she just posted on her IG account.

“I just have to make sure they’re still there. I have to hold on to what you love I have to appreciate all the little things that you know too, ”she wrote.

Ammika Harris shared a video with her baby Aeko and fans and followers are totally in love with the baby. Take a look at the clip.

Ammika lives her best life with her and Chris BrownSon and fans couldn’t be happier for her.


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