Andy Cohen reveals the way forward for Vanderpump Guidelines after Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright left

According to Andy, the couple will surely be missed.

“I have to leave it to them … especially Jax,” Andy said on his radio show. “Jax has created so much history, drama and entertainment in his eight years on this show. It’s been quite a run he’s had. He’s going to go down in her moment as one of the greatest reality stars. That was an incredible run that they had. “”

Andy stated that Jax made great television and was a “good sport” in everything.

“One thing I’ve always loved about Jax is that every time he came to Watch What Happens Live he was on the show in the middle of a storm,” noted Andy. “We roasted him mercilessly and he always took it like a man. I mean, he … was a good sport.”

“He would say, ‘How mean are you going to be to me today?’ And I’d say, ‘It’s bad … you cheated on your girlfriend and broke or you said X, Y and Z … everyone is mad at you,’ “he added. “So there were always things we’d put him up to and he’d take it.”

However, Andy could see the duo on the small screen in the near future because Jax teased that he was already thinking about his next project. “How about a spin-off …” the 41-year-old star replied to one of his followers on Instagram. “Vanderpump Babies.”

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