Anne Hathaway’s son would not know she’s an actress – her firstborn believes that as a substitute!

Anne Hathaway informs about her family life during a new interview, which she rarely does as the actress likes to keep the lives of loved ones private. Still when she chatted with E! The Hollywood star shared plenty of details about her role in The Witches earlier this morning, but also revealed what her older son thinks she’s doing for a living!

While filming the remake in which she portrays a witch, Anne was actually pregnant, which not many can realize without her telling you.

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In her opinion, pregnancy helped her a lot to get into character!

“I have to say that the hormonal fluctuations in this performance worked to my advantage. Because those were the days when I thought, “I think she’s a little angry at this point. Yeah, I think she has to scream, ”she said after E! News.

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The actress and mother of two also mentioned that this second pregnancy felt “completely different” than her first.

‘With my Jonathan [4]I was such a hobbit. I lay down on the couch and ate quesadillas and enjoyed ice cream. Jack was very different, with Jack I had a lot more energy. ‘

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So will her kids be watching movies in which she starred anytime soon?

Anne made it very clear that she will only allow them to watch her films when they are much older to avoid tripping over their “sexy” roles.

Then she revealed, “Right now my son thinks I am a librarian and work in a library. So at some point I’ll let him know that … I’m a different kind of storyteller. ‘

When that time comes, your kids will definitely be very proud of their mother’s accomplishments!


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