ANOHNI covers Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”: Hear

ANOHNI has released a studio version of their cover of Gloria Gaynor’s classic “I Will Survive”. As she shares in a statement in the description of the YouTube video, the song was a live staple for her early in her career. The accompanying music video was shot in the 1990s and shows ANOHNI and the late artist and transgender activist Chloe Dzubilo. Check this out below.

Elsewhere in the statement, ANOHNI reveals that it was originally approached by Facebook in June to license the cover for “an advertisement portraying Facebook as an advocate for small businesses”. The singer says she ultimately turned down the $ 200,000 offer.

“Although I could really have used the money, I said no because I didn’t want to get involved in Facebook’s hosting of fake news that could allow Donald Trump to be re-elected,” she wrote. “They wrote back saying that they allayed the concerns of other attendees by making donations to, and paying for, their charities of choice. I woke up the next morning to find this wasn’t even an advertisement. It’s politics, and I don’t even know how deep that water is. This Droga5 company worked with Obama and Google and others. I had to go away. “

ANOHNI continues: “A month later I saw the advertisement. Facebook had hired another singer to emulate my version of the song. It was a nasty feeling. “She then calls on artists to remove themselves from the ecosystems of large technology companies:” We as artists were the first to be taken to the stand to feed and be drained by companies like Apple and Facebook. And now as artists we have to be the first to go. We have to show that it is possible to live without Instagram, without Facebook, without Google and Amazon. We must strive to rebuild our lives and our communities, our private conversations, in a way that does not rely on the manipulative infrastructures and interfaces provided by the richest and most malicious companies in the world. “

“After the Facebook debacle, I felt compelled to finish my studio version of ‘I Will Survive’,” wrote ANOHNI. “It was the first song I sang in NYC nightclubs when I was 20. I’ve sung it hundreds of times. I sang it in those days thinking of Marsha P. Johnson and the underground queer community that struggled to survive in the face of AIDS. Now it seems to me to be a hymn for the future of life on earth. “

In August, Facebook posted a small business support ad, set to music by Lykke Li’s cover of “I Will Survive,” which the singer would officially release later in September.

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