Arcando impresses new single “Nonetheless Be Mates” a few complicated love affair

Marc Bandecchi known professionally as Arcando is back with his first 2021 release, Still Be Friends, now out on Lowly. The Dutch producer has built a lot of momentum over the course of 2020 with releases on Future Generation, NCS and Lowly. After he has found his sweet spot between house and trap, he starts the new year with his new chill original “Still Be Friends”.

Arcando uses his music as an emotional medium for this single and acts as the sole author, producer and singer of “Still Be Friends”. The record is an uplifting and groovy ballad complemented by Marc’s outstanding vocals. The record perfectly interweaves the line between relaxing and dancing elements as the song is both calming and groovy, perfect for a long night drive.

In ‘Still Be Friends’ Marc talks about a confusing love affair that ends with the remaining question: Can we be part of each other’s life? Arcando’s recent relationship was the motive for this song. Music helps highlight the emotion and confusion we all go through when dealing with heartbreak, which is why you can see a big change in its sound on ‘Still Be Friends’.

Listen to Still Be Friends below or access all platforms here.

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