Ariana Grande drops new track and followers suppose she is taking pictures Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande just released a brand new single called “Positions,” which she believed to be talking about her new husband, Dalton Gomez. However, Page 6 says fans now believe she shot her former fiancé Pete Davidson after their split in October 2018.

According to page 6, in her song, Ariana says, “I just hope I don’t repeat the story.” Because of the way she says the word, a lot of fans say it sounds a lot more like she does Say “peat”. “Fans of the performing artist are now speculating that it was a subtle shot at Pete Davidson.

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One Twitter user wrote that Ariana split the word “repeat” to highlight the end of the word “peat”. Another person referred to Grande as ‘seedy shit’ for the alleged shot. As most know, the 26-year-old SNL star suggested Grande back in 2018 after dating just a few weeks.

However, it only lasted five months. Regarding her romance with Gomez, Ariana first confirmed she was dating Dalton after appearing in the music video for the song “Stuck with U”. According to reports, the new video shows Ariana walking through the White House as if she were the President of the United States.

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As just mentioned, Grande was in a relationship with Pete Davidson shortly after her split from Mac Miller. However, Miller died of a drug overdose that shortened his life and career, and sources at the time claimed Ariana was “devastated”.

ariana didn’t just share the replay to sound like such a smart #POSITIONS

– jillian (@jillygabrielle) October 23, 2020

Miller’s death came not long after the Manchester bombings, so there is no question that Grande went through tumultuous times. Regardless, the pop star has been at the top of her game for the past two years, including her past efforts, thank you, next, and sweetener.

Pete Davidson, on the other hand, starred in films including the newest, King of Staten Island, with himself and Bill Burr. Davidson previously joked during his standup special that the best thing that ever happened to him was dating Ariana Grande because it led to many other opportunities.

Kandi Burruss is proud to have been part of Ariana Grande’s new single »


But it wasn’t always good. When they first split, the SNL alum claimed Ariana’s fans told him to kill himself en masse.

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