At midnight, lethal story of the Cecil Resort in Los Angeles

“You know, in more than 22 years as a news reporter, this is one of those cases that somehow sticks in my memory because we know who, what, when, where. But why is always the question,” Lopez told us. “And when there is never a why for a story, especially in this case, there are so many questions that remain open that it still resonates.”

The hotel has been renamed and renamed Stay on Main in recent years. A $ 100 million renovation was reportedly completed. And in 2017, the Los Angeles City Council agreed to approve Landmark status for the building, determining that it represented the US lodging industry of the early 20th century

And while the property’s gruesome history may seem daunting to most investors, Matthew M. BaronThe president of Simon Baron Development sees it differently and told the LA Times in 2017: “To be honest, a lot of people come there out of curiosity.”

Can you blame them

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