Ava DuVernay shares highly effective marketing campaign message on the Black Lives Matter Occasion

Ava DuVernay looks to the future.

On Tuesday, November 3, the director spoke at an election day event for Black Lives Matter at the Staples Center where she urged attendees to keep showing up for themselves and each other.

“Thank you for having space for this resistance, for this strength, for this voice, to demonstrate who we are, that we can proclaim what we want,” she said. “That we can exercise rights that have been given to us and rights that we take that we have not been given, that we can explain what we want.”

The Emmy winner continued, “This moment is not the end of all things. This vote, this election is not even half of what is ahead of us and what has to happen tomorrow and the next day and the next day. But it is A tool, it’s a weapon in our arsenal and we will fight. We are at a war. ”

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