Barry Allen of The Flash, who channels the entire Wells Council: “One of Grant’s concerns was …”


When the start of the seventh season of The Flash asked Barry Allen to channel Nash, HR and the entire Council of Wells, series star Grant Gustin ran into a bit of a problem.

To make the stage short and sweet: To strengthen the artificial speed force, Allegra used its meta-forces to guide the multiversal particles located in Nash Wells into a fusion sphere. But when Allegra was unable to contain the volatile source of energy, the resulting explosion carried the particles – and with it the essence of any well ever – into an ignorant Barry.

When Barry came to, he spoke French / English with an accent as a detective Sherloque Wells before stepping into a veritable cavalcade of all other Harrison doppelgangers, including the forever drumming HR, the Wells the Gray wand, the gruff Harry, and others.

In contrast to a sizeable portion of the season seven premiere (which was actually the first of several unfinished season six episodes), “These scenes were actually shot before the pandemic,” showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine. And while the EP wasn’t on set for Gustin’s very funny Tour de Force twist, he and his star spoke ahead of time about anything that would entail copying costar Tom Cavanagh.

“One of Grant’s big worries was, ‘Eric, I don’t speak French and Sherloque has a French accent. I just don’t know about it… ”Wallace recalls with a chuckle. “I said, ‘Grant, you can do this. You can do it. They’ll kick this out of the park. I know how talented you are, you will study this character and the end result will be magic. ‘And he said, “OK, thanks.”

And as it turned out with the finished product: “I was right! The end result was magic, ”Wallace reports happily. “I don’t know if Grant Tom went to college or just from years of working with Tom, but it’s one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show and certainly in my tenure as a showrunner” since season 6.

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