Batwoman Recap: A Twist From Kate?


This week on Batwoman, Alice’s not-so-warm reunion with Safiyah bore the most unexpected fruits. But do you buy what the Queen of Coryana sells?

KO and woke up last week by henchmen Tatiana, Alice and Sophie on the streets of Gotham, they woke up on the sun-drenched shores of Coryana, the idyllic island ruled by Safiyah. While Tatiana was watching over a tied Sophie (and wondering why she needed to keep her alive), Alice caught up with Safiyah – and by “caught up” we mean: “She has been repeatedly accused of blowing up Kate’s plane.” Safiyah claimed that despite being angry with Alice for breaking the cardinal rule of Coryana – the world does not share the miraculous properties of the heart-shaped herbal desert rose flower, Safiyah claimed that she did not kill Kate. Though someone wants Alice to believe she did

As the two continued talking, we got clues as to how Safiyah found Alice years ago on a yacht that raided her people shortly after a “broken” Alice escaped from captivity. At some point Safiyah took Alice’s hand comfortingly and Alice took it – and then she held it tight as she wrestled her host to the ground and held a pointed clam to her neck. “You took everything from me!” Alice insisted. Safiyah quickly turned the tables and pinned Alice down. “Because I gave you everything.” In fact, she is now ready to give Alice her sister back, says Safiyah, and produces Kate’s necklace. “If I blew Kate’s plane with her, how could I have that?”

Meanwhile, Tatiana wanted to kill Sophie, knowing she wouldn’t let Alice roam free once they got back to Gotham City. Safiyah prevented the killing and loosened Sophie’s handcuffs, only to be drugged with a syringe by a henchman. Safiyah then assured Alice that she has every intention of returning her Kate, but first she needs Alice to do something for her …

Alice and Sophie later woke up in an alley in Gotham City and Sophie didn’t want Alice to roam free. “But if you arrest me,” Alice explains, she won’t be able to do her job for Safiyah … and bring Kate back!

Elsewhere this week:

* Ryan, Luke and Mary put their heads together to hunt down Victor Zsasz, a rented gun that Ryan (as Batwoman) found a thumb drive on with a long hit list from Gotham City Randos. It turns out that Zsasz worked for Safiyah, targeting all of the people who have traces of desert rose bloom in their systems after being rescued from last week’s bat poisoning. Zsasz eventually ran up to Mary herself, but was stopped and defeated by Batwoman, who is now wearing a chic, personalized new suit.

* Kate’s phone popped up in the plane wreck, and when Commander Kane unlocked it (after waiting for Sophie to reappear and help with Kate’s password), he found an odd photo of a Jack Napier painting with Safiyah’s name on it scrawled. Now Safiyah is on his radar too.

* Luke came to some peace with Mary and then Ryan, amid great tension in the Batcave that arose from his refusal / reluctance to believe that Kate would never come back to get the Bat-cloak back. As a sign of this relaxation, he brought Ryan (on her new appearance as manager of The Hold-Up) new batarangs after she burned a whole bunch of them because of her poor aim. But he draws the line in all Batmobile upgrades!

What do you think of the episode “Bat Girl Magic”? Is Safiyah Kate really alive anywhere? Or is she just baiting Alice as a kind of revenge?

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