Behind Her Eyes Closing Abstract: Oh yeah, we have to speak about that ending


If you’ve already played through all six episodes of Netflix’s highly disturbing, devilishly addictive British psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes … well, we have a lot to talk about, don’t we?

Before we dive into that sucker of a finale, a quick recap: Louise (Simona Brown) is a receptionist in a mental health practice and impulsively kissed a handsome stranger named David (Tom Bateman, who gives off serious Tom Ellis vibes) before discovering it He’s her new boss … and he’s married. Louise becomes friends with David’s wife, Adele (The Knick’s Eve Hewson) while she is building an affair with David, and we learn that Adele is heavily medical and her marriage to David is in dire straits. Plus, Louise is always terrified at night that Adele will help her get under control, and we keep getting flashbacks to Adele’s stay in a nerve ward and her friendship with a gay Scottish boy named Rob (Robert Aramayo of Game of Thrones) …

In the penultimate episode we learned that Adele is able to astrally project (!!), also known as leaving her physical body and moving freely as a spirit, observing without being seen. (We also saw her step into Louise’s body and swap with her for a brief period.) In the finale, Louise travels to Brighton to see Marianne, the cafe owner Adele said she was having an affair with David would have. Marianne tells her that she only ever spoke to David, but Adele still came to her door and angrily urged her to stay away from him – and then Marianne came home and found “SLUT” written in blood on her bedroom wall. “Get away as quickly as you can,” warns Marianne Louise. “There is something very wrong with her.”

We remember Adele, Rob, and David at their family’s castle, where the three of them giggle and have dinner – and Rob clearly likes David. That night, after Adele and David went to bed together, Rob decides to… do an astral project in her room and watch them have sex! Back in the present, Louise confronts David and tells him that she knows Adele is upset. She tells him what happened to Rob: “Did you kill him?” We learn through flashback that Adele told him Rob died of a heroin overdose and without thinking she tossed his body so deep into the woods and David’s watch collapsed with him. She wouldn’t let him tell anyone about it then – she couldn’t bear the thought of being locked up again – but now David is ready to go to the police and confess everything. He goes to Scotland and warns Louise to stay away from his wife: “Adele has a way of knowing things.”

She’s not listening, however: She and Adele have an intense phone call that Adele admits to manipulating her. (“I wanted you to hate him. I wanted you to choose me. I wanted you to love me the most.”) Louise tells her that David is now going to the police to confess – and Adele replies with one Scream “Fk ​​off! ”Repeated with her. (We also get a flashback to Rob, who admits to Adele that he envies her life with David: “It’s like you can control the dream all day.”) Adele writes a confession-slash-suicide note – “I would.” Better to forget than be alone ”- while you soak the rags in lighter liquid and prepare a needle full of heroin. She writes her intentions to Louise (“I have to do everything right”) and Louise, the kind soul that she is, rushes over to stop her. (Big mistake. Huge.)

Louise sees flames when she comes to Adele’s house and tries to break in, but can’t. So she visualizes Adele’s house and astral projects inside and finds Adele drugged with heroin on the bed. But then their ghosts mix and … Adele is in Louise’s body. Louise in Adele’s body can’t move because of the heroin – and that’s all part of Adele’s plan. “You mustn’t take it from me, Louise,” she tells her from Louise’s body as she prepares a fatal shot of heroin and injects it into “Adele’s” arm, killing her. “Louise” (really Adele in her body) pulls “Adele” s corpse into the street and brings up some false tears just as the cops arrive.

“Louise” goes home and practices sounding like the real Louise – however, her son Adam senses something is wrong – and she greets David with a hug and a kiss after he’s finished with the police. And you’d think all of that would be enough to shock … but no! We look back again when Adele and Rob agreed to do astral projects and exchange bodies. Adele doesn’t like it … but Rob does. He (in Adele’s body) apologizes when he shoots “Rob” full of heroin and drops his dead body into the well. So “Adele” was Rob all along, and when David marries “Louise” he actually marries Rob in her body. When Louise suggests a Caribbean cruise for her honeymoon, a still suspicious Adam reminds his mother that she hates boats. She stares at him and chirps, “Maybe I’ve changed.”

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