Bella Thorne says that working with girls administrators made her “uncomfortable” at occasions

Bella Thorne isn’t interested in starring in porn films in the future, but the 23-year-old actress enjoys starring in racy videos and films. According to Bella, working in sexually charged productions can sometimes have uncomfortable moments, moreover, she has previously felt uncomfortable not only from male, but also female directors.

Thorne says there are moments when she needs to overcome the feeling of discomfort and she understands what it takes because if it’s on the script it has to be done. The actress added that it’s especially important when it’s for the character.

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Bella added that she was a writer herself, so she understands what it takes to be successful and what it takes to complete a movie or a production. However, the actress acknowledged that there are many people who just want to “get girls naked in front of the camera”.

When asked in the interview whether she enjoyed working with a man or a woman, Bella said that it didn’t make much difference to her. Bella went on to say that there have been times when a director has made her feel uncomfortable, so it’s not just a male-female problem.

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Bella added that she and the other female actresses often talk to each other about others and how they are on the “reluctance” point. However, the actress admitted that directing was difficult, and working on a movie set has not always been easy.

The former Disney star then touched what it’s like to work on a movie set. She explained how rare it is when a director is just mean. What really happens is that it is a very fast paced environment and words are said without the person understanding the weight of them.

“Things are being misunderstood,” added the actress. Bella has reportedly just finished a new music video for “Shake It,” which will be released on February 26th. The actress worked with adult movie star Abella Danger.

Fans know Bella has already worked in the industry, including back in August when she opened her own controversial OnlyFans account and made over a million dollars in 24 hours.


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