Bhad Bhabie Reveals Stunning New Face; Followers say she has a ‘facelift’

Bhad Bhabie took to Twitter to call her haters who ripped up her page with negative comments all over the face – fans say “she had a facelift”.

Bhad Bhabie recently posted a video of himself on social media that looks very different from a few months ago. Many fans believe that she has had plastic surgery, or at least has fillers on her face and lips.

Here it is on video:

It used to look like this:

But she wasn’t here for the negative comments, questions, or critics that got on her side. In a series of tweets, Bhabie wrote:

“I went from being an internet joke to being a platinum artist with multiple plaques and multiple sold out shows and millions of streams, but all that didn’t matter to me and my mom in 2016 was 5 years of f * cking and I’ve done a lot more than you hate asses. “


She continued, “Imagine that you couldn’t defend yourself because the internet is twisting everything you say and it seems like you’re saying something that you don’t even say remotely,” she continued.

She says if people don’t like her they should stay away from her: “Would you go to a restaurant you don’t like and order something you don’t like and if you get it, tell the waiter that you don’t. ” Don’t you like it and that you don’t like it there? No, you just wouldn’t go in. So what’s the point of going to a page you don’t like? “

She closed her rant by saying, “I’m no longer on a little kid, I’m not growing up, becoming the real me and improving my career, and I won’t let you try to drag me down.” longer cking. “

They agree?

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