Brawl breaks out at Florida nightclub; Snapped wigs; Site visitors stopped! (Video)

MTO News has learned that a major brawl has broken out outside the popular The Ghost Bar nightclub in Hollywood, Florida. The violent struggle stopped traffic in both directions and injured several women. Thousands of dollars worth of wigs were destroyed.

What happened? According to social media reports, two ladies quarreled over which you had the cuter wig. And the argument quickly escalated into a fight.

Before long, friends of the two ladies got involved, and it turned into a brawl.

Here is the footage of the fight:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Ghost Bar is one of the most popular nightclubs in South Florida. Celebrities like CeeLo Green, Bow Wow and Mýa have made it to the Hollywood hangout for a unique experience.

The fight took place outside the nightclub. No partygoers were injured in hand-to-hand combat in the Ghost Bar.

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