BRONSON’s debut album has been reinterpreted with one other 5-track remix pack [LISTEN]

BRONSON (ODESZA x Golden characteristics) release their second remix package as part of a robust three-part series that supports their debut album.

The producers’ departure from their prestigious musical worlds has sparked a new wave of musical exploration outside the realm of ODESZA and Golden Features. The electronic supergroup reported consistently: “BRONSON arose out of the need to almost unconsciously exceed our creative limits and build something bold and free of expectations.”

Go one step further BRONSON Remixes No. 2 invites Hayden James, Shark, obli, Prospa and Patrick Topping Remix tracks from their album together. “Dawn” with Completely enormous extinct dinosaurs, “KEEP MOVING”, “CALL OUT”, “KNOW ME” Gallantand “HEART ATTACK” with lau.ra. are completely reinterpreted with remixes that range from dark and haunting to deep and melodic.

In addition, BRONSON Remixes contains N °. 1 revisions of Cassian, O’Flynn, Scream, OFFAIAH and Tunnel visions.

Check out both remix packs below.

BRONSON Remixes No. 2

Stream / Download:

BRONSON Remixes No. 1

Stream / Download:

Photo via Gian Galang

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