Camilla Luddington of Gray’s Anatomy on Jo’s angle in the direction of Jackson: “I want intercourse, who’s up?”

Luddington said she never thought Jo and Jackson would be single at the same time since Jackson was with April (Sarah Drew) and then Jo was married to Alex. This connection is more about Jo leading the single life than actually trying to build a relationship with anyone.

“I also love that she’s single because it was me. I thought I was going to be going into the season for the first time. This character is single and I was trying to remember a time when she was really single was, and she really didn’t. ” She wasn’t like that, not with Alex, but still in love with him. So it’s the first time she says, ‘I need sex, who’s up?’ ”

At the moment she describes Jo and Jackson as “sex friends” and perhaps Grey’s Anatomy’s first sex friends since Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Mark (Eric Dane) slept together a long time ago when.

“I joked with Jesse because I thought a lot of girls in the past with Jackson Avery would say, ‘Please love me, you’re Jackson Avery.'” Luddington said. “And I love that Jo said, ‘No, thanks for not making it happen. Please can we just have sex?’ I like that. I think it’s really fun. ”

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