Candyman: 9 Fast Issues We Know About The 2021 Horror Film

Candyman is one of the highly anticipated films of 2021, with Jordan Peele co-writing and producing, Nia DaCosta directing and co-writing, a talented cast, and an already rich plot and film history. As a fan of horror films, as a fan of what Peele does with horror, and as someone who was scared of the original Candyman character, this is a movie I really want to see.

As in any film with a lot going on, the Candyman team remains calm behind this “spiritual sequel” – and keeps anticipation and tension high. Despite this film’s secrecy, there are a few important things we should know about the new Candyman film.

Spoiler Warning: I’m going to mention some plot points and spoilers from the original Candy man **. Proceed with caution. **

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