Cardi B Reveals New ‘BOTCHED Facelift’; Twitter pulls them for filth! (Photos)

Cardi B’s face has changed seriously in the past few months and some of her fans are now wondering if the rapper with the most charts has had a makeover.

Whatever she did to her face it caused quite a dramatic change in the way she looked.

MTO News learned that some non-photoshopped pictures of Cardi B have been leaked online, and the pictures show that Cardi’s face not only looks different, but … is deformed.


Here are the images that are causing all the controversy. The pictures show the 28-year-old Cardi, who looks like a mess. Her nose is different, as is her entire face structure.


To give you an example of how much Cardi has changed. This is what she looked like a few years ago before she decided to go under the knife.


Cardi’s fans are very disappointed with her new face – and ask the rapper to stop all surgeries before she destroys her face forever.

Here are some of their comments:

omg her face looks like a huge tumor

People called her ugly so she went and fixed the “ugly” and voila!

Your nose is the worst

Looks like cat face

Woow, her face looks so painful

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