Cardi B shoots again at rappers who recommend that their new music, ‘Up’, copy their very own monitor

Has Cardi B. Copy other rappers when they did their brand new song, “Up?” The celebrity went to her platform to defend herself after allegations she made!

According to Cardi B, she has actually been working on the track for several months, which is sufficient evidence that she has not copied anyone.

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Instead, the host insisted that a lot of the songs just sound similar, but of course that doesn’t necessarily mean someone else is tearing off.

Not too long after dropping her new hit, Cardi went to her Twitter account to fight back against rappers Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane who suggested she copied her own song called Stuck.

In a previous IG post they wrote: “They steal … we want my money.”

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Regarding Cardi’s tweet, she replied, “This is such a popular phrase and so many people don’t sound alike. You wanna tell me i copied like 8 songs? STFU is fed up with explaining that. ‘

She went on to post a clip of her IG stories with Cardi singing the song and writing next to it, “Starting August 7th … I’ve been working on it. I’m sorry little boy never made it [sic] from you.’

Cardi also went live on her Instagram, telling her followers, “I’m the guy, I don’t like going to court … when I blame someone. If you are feeling a certain way we can take it to court. I don’t give af ** k … Get out of here. ‘

She also stressed that since she’s not a producer, any fellow artist who thinks the beat is similar to hers should take it with her [the song’s producers.]’

What do you think of the song Do the other rappers really have any reason to believe that Cardi B copied their track on purpose?


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