Carnage’s inflammatory “DJs who take dangers” tweet

Yesterday morning, slaughter sent the following tweet.

TBH…. Since Tim passed away, there have been no DJs taking risks to advance the dance music. the same shit everywhere … shit is sad … Guetta & Morten are the only ones trying something new

– CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 3, 2021

Probably this has made a lot of people angry. Especially with groups of people who are passionate about finding underground, underrated, unknown artists, the attitude seemed – at least initially – shallow and diminished Carnage’s reputation as a taste maker.

This is the PERFECT example of how crappy the edm bubble is and how hard these great artists try to become innovative artists because they only care about the great ones like themselves

sad sad sad

– YUNG VRO (@BlvkSheepMusic) February 4, 2021

and shows a complete disregard for the literally tens of thousands of hardworking talented children who push boundaries every day. Innovation won’t always write to you personally, sometimes you may have to look for it

– CYCLOPS RECORDINGS STAN ACCOUNT (@Subtronics) February 3, 2021

This is an interesting way to let everyone know that you aren’t even listening to music

– chet porter (@chetporter) February 3, 2021

As wonderful as Avicii is, this tweet screams deaf. This tweet is a sign to anyone who had the slightest idea of ​​attending your post-COVID live shows, that you are not going to play anything interesting and that it is not worth attending. Thanks for the warning!

– Moore Kismet @ (@MooreKismetBass) February 3, 2021

Literally 100s, if not 1000s of Innovative Electronic Artist: Am I kidding you?
Carnage: Yes

IverOliver Heldens @ (@OliverHeldens) February 4, 2021

Five hours later, Carnage tweeted again to say he didn’t share his thoughts until after looking through his own demo email, which isn’t exactly a great barometer of future music. If you’re a mainstream artist, people tend to send you mainstream content.

I made this tweet after listening to over 600 demos I received in my promo email. 90% of them were all equally fucked up. The ratio of people trying new things is sooooo off.

– CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 4, 2021

He continued …

Of course there are artists out there who shit fire … but not enough …

– CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 4, 2021

And more established DJs need to do the same … take the risk … stop listening to your manager or agent … listen to your heart and go crazy !!!

– CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 4, 2021

ATLIENS, whipped cream, Hekler, Apache, Gravedgr, Salvatore Ganacci, Morten, Marauda, ​​Rinzen, burning lords, side part, sudden death, Valentino, 4b, uprising ten, must die…. they do ????????????

– CARNAGE (@djcarnage) February 4, 2021

Whether or not these tweets pedal back (they appear to be), we’re not here to put words to Carnage’s mouth.

In the end it all resulted in a lengthy IG Live where Carnage spoke to a variety of producers and flavor makers, including Moore Kismet, Subtronics and Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac. For a lot of people, it wasn’t much better than his tweets.

The carnage has said over 500 times in this lifetime to take a risk.

pasquale says, “Well, who took a risk for you? Lots of younger kids get really funky. “

Carnage: “The chain smokers. they sing on edm. “

– Josh Pan (@ Joshpan) February 4, 2021

Carnage on IG talks live about how all music sounds the same today when you go to festivals. It is not the artist’s fault, it is not the fault of the organizers and agents, not to book innovative artists and book the same line-ups EVERY year because it is a safe bet

– Litty Kitty (@HexCougar) February 4, 2021

At the end of the day, the whole conversation probably didn’t do anything to sway haters or supporters of Carnage.

The bottom line is that 1) there are innovative producers at every level, you just have to dig a little to get there; and 2) there needs to be more innovation at the forefront and less incentive to rest on their laurels. Hex Cougar’s tweet (above) hits the nail on the head by shifting (at least part of) responsibility onto promoters if they don’t book up-and-coming artists and go for the easy money.

But as we’ve seen with the contents of your EDM, there needs to be a major shift in order to make formative changes. If there’s one thing to take away from yesterday’s interaction, at least some artists have new fans.

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