Chicago Hearth ignites Casey and Brett’s relationship – however there’s an issue!


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It has taken a long time, but Casey and Brett from Chicago Fire are finally making some big strides on their “Will They Or Won’t They?” Relationship during Wednesday’s episode.

After the ambulance accident last week, Casey jumps out of the moving fire truck and over the railing to get to Brett (and Gianna, but mostly Brett). Later, when they are all safely back at the fire station, Brett asks Casey how he got to the scene of the accident so quickly by himself. Casey insists the others were there too, but at first Brett only remembers seeing him.

“It always was you,” she says, then quickly tries to save face by adding, “I mean, you’re always the one who is there for me when I’m in a crisis … Thank you for being like this are a good friend. ”

While chatting with Stella, Brett freaks out over the fact that she was basically just blurting out that she’s in love with Casey. Stella doesn’t think that’s too bad, but Brett keeps saying that she can’t handle him that way.

As for Casey, he awkwardly asks Brett if she’s ready to go to Molly’s that night. (Herrmann and Mouch are not impressed with the locker room swap.) At the bar, Gallo tells Casey’s quick response when he thought Brett was in danger, and Brett is visibly surprised and moved by the story. She and Casey exchange smiles across the table – until she suddenly apologizes and comes up with a story about meeting a friend.

When Casey confronts Brett at her apartment, she admits she avoided him so she wouldn’t kiss him – and then she plants one on him! And it doesn’t end there: The two undress and make their way to the couch, where both confess that they have wanted this for a long time. Unfortunately, Brett pauses to ask Casey a question: If Gabby came back and asked him to go with her, would he go?

“I haven’t spoken to her in a long time,” Casey says, to which Brett replies that this is not an answer. So Casey says, “I don’t know.”

Brett thanks him for his honesty. The situation is complicated and she thinks he should go so he does. Welp, that ended quickly.

Fire fans, what do you think of the big Brett / Casey moment?

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