Chicago PD Premiere Recap: The unit struggles to adapt to altering occasions


Tensions were high during the season eight premiere of Chicago PD on Wednesday when the intelligence unit was on its feet with the public – and even with each other.

After Atwater refuses to change his testimonial, he becomes paranoid that Doyle’s cop supporters are trying to get him, and he’s not wrong: Atwater and Ruzek find planted heroin in his car. Ruzek offers Atwater his support however he wants to deal with the situation. Voight, meanwhile, notes that the only thing the Blue Wall clung to was the idea of ​​seeing the two perpetrators in court, but that won’t happen now. Atwater urges that the two men weren’t real criminals.

Atwater also clashes with Upton, who views the police department’s investigation by the new assistant superintendent as disrespectful. However, Atwater argues that what PD is doing is obviously “not good enough”. However, the deputy superintendent (played by Empire’s Nicole Ari Parker) wants to change that. She warns Voight that if he continues to run the device as he does, he will be unemployed until Christmas. But that’s a big job asking Voight to change his behavior. After pushing open a door without announcing his office, the assistant superintendent announces that all evidence gathered is inadmissible – “The days of playing God are over,” she tells Voight. Now the secret service has to basically start over.

On the street, the unit encounters witnesses who are more reluctant than usual to work together, declaring that “racist ass cops [are] no longer welcome here. “A potential witness throws a beer bottle to Ruzek, who begins to react until Burgess, unwilling to risk her career, urges him to let go of her.

During the night drive, Atwater is stopped by a white and a black police officer because they supposedly have a stop sign. Atwater refuses to get out of the car and picks up his badge, which the officers use to draw their weapons. Atwater gets out and the white policeman confirms with his ID that Atwater is a policeman. The other officer says there was an anonymous tip that someone was selling drugs to a dirty police officer. Fortunately, Atwater has already disposed of the supply he discovered earlier. “Do you really want to do that, black man?” Atwater asks his cop.

The fight against the Blue Wall is “like trying to fight a ghost,” says Voight Atwater after the incident. Even so, Atwater wants to do it his own way, and it’s not an easy thing to do. After all, as Atwater notes, “cops are still blue, I’m still black.” And if Atwater was hoping for Voight’s assistance, it is unlikely to happen after the blowout, if Voight wants to drag a suspect into the cage. Atwater exclaims that they can no longer do this and that things must change.

“I didn’t wake up enough for you ?! Feel free to get the hell out of there! “Voight replies. In his unit they are doing everything they can to evict villains … including shooting criminals? Voight grabs a gun and sits in front of the killer’s house, but reluctantly drives away. Then the episode ends with Atwater in front of his house is attacked and beaten up.

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