Chloe x Halle Need to construct a snowman in Disney Vacation Singalong Sneak Peek?

Would you build a snowman, though Chloe x Halle asked?

The musical duo is going to be a little chilly next week for The Disney Holiday Singalong, a change that is filled with cozy, wintry performances from a slew of stars. Chloe and Hall Bailey play “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Frozen, and we have an exclusive look inside their snowy number.

Disney seems to have stepped things up since their early pandemic singalongs, which featured mostly stars singing from within their own four walls. Chloe and Halle appear on an actual set with a snowman that apparently has already been built, and their wardrobe even color, if not practical, matches the snowy vibes.

It makes little sense for Chloe to wear a crop top and shorts while the future Disney Princess Hall is wearing a huge, incredible puff coat, but that’s Disney magic for you.

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