Clearly, some excited followers need Colin Farrell to be Johnny Depp’s alternative for Unbelievable Beasts

You are not wrong. Matt Reeves put together a killer cast to bring The Batman to life. They happen to include two very notable alumni of the Fantastic Beasts series: Colin Farrell and Zoe Kravitz. But with production for both this DC blockbuster and Fantastic Beasts 3, it’s certainly possible that Farrell’s schedule won’t allow him to repeat the role of Grindelwald. As a result, another actor could take on the role after Johnny Depp’s departure.

Johnny Depp, who left Fantastic Beasts, went viral quickly as both the franchise and the actor himself were known for making headlines in their own way. And while some fans might be disappointed that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor will no longer play Grindelwald, there are also moviegoers who complained about his inclusion in the first place. After all, Colin Farrell is an accomplished actor who no doubt would have been great if he had taken full responsibility for the character.

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