Concern the Strolling Lifeless Recap: [Spoiler] Turns into the primary main casualty of season six

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s heartbreaking Fear the Walking Dead. If you’d rather watch first, cry later, you’re good to go.

In Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday, John decided to give up on himself what he wanted most in the world – to see June again – to get it right. And despite the sacrifice he was willing to make, his efforts still went terribly wrong. As? Continue reading.

“YOU CANNOT EXACTLY EXAMINE BAD HAPPINESS” | In the prologue to “The Key,” John uttered a letter that he secretly sent to June with Janice’s help. In it, he recalled that his father (and later himself) had become a police officer because he believed, “People deserve to live in a world where they know what happens next, but they cannot know until someone helps them know. “Last but not least, the people in Lawton knew where he was Ranger and which way it was going. No sooner had he mentioned that they had lost no one for nearly a year than the night-shift watchman and budding draftsman Cameron was found in the barbed wire face of his own house, which was being eaten by hikers. What a shame, said Ginny. She had warned him not to drink. Hmm, John didn’t have to say. He went all over Columbo to the scene and found a diamond earring in the dirt where Cameron had been added to the zombies’ dinner menu.

Strand later came to Lawton for a meeting of the Intersettlement Council and offered John his help with the investigation. Until that reunion, John didn’t know that his friend had been “held” by Ginny, and even after that he still didn’t know that Strand had sent Alicia away so he could do bad things again for good reasons. After Janice told John that the earring he found didn’t belong to her and that she barely knew Cameron, our hero Ginny suggested that the body might have been pushed. Unlike her, he didn’t just want people to feel safe, he wanted them … well, safe. At Cameron’s funeral, John approached a strangely sad Dakota, but was so quickly interrupted by Ginny. At that moment Janice was caught trying to sneak out of Lawton. In her pocket? The right earring, of course. The plot thickens!

“AN EXAMPLE MUST BE MADE” | Once behind bars, Janice John admitted when confronted with a sketch of her that Cameron had done well, they had been lovers. They had hidden it from Ginny so she wouldn’t use it on her and had planned to flee Lawton. Of course, she suspected Ginny had planted the earring in her pocket. When John then asked Ginny to have him checked out further, she asked if he was on intuition … or if he was not ready to lose his carrier pigeon. Yes, thanks to Cameron, she had read all of his letters to June. Not that she was crazy – they proved he believed in this. Although Janice had to serve as a warning to other potential perpetrators, Ginny took pride in the work she and John were doing. “And I think your daddy would be too,” she added. (Not cool, Ginny.) As John left her office, he met Dakota who came out immediately and said that yes, her sister was protecting someone.

Determined to get to the bottom of things, John waited until dark and then dug up Cameron’s body – his neck had been cut, Dorie realized, just before he was joined by a couple of hikers in the largest cuddle puddle always wanted to form. The next day, John Strand showed the evidence … which, unfortunately, had somehow been gnawed overnight. Damn it! At least John still had a shard of knife handle that he had found in the dead man’s hand. Whoever checked this weapon out of the armory had to be the murderer. Needless to say, this page of the Minutes has been ripped out. Even so, John vowed to get Janice off the hot seat. But she didn’t want that. She had given up and was ready to make the confession Ginny had asked of her. All she wanted was for John to take the supplies she and Cameron had amassed and run off with June.

“THIS PLACE IS DESTROYING EVERYTHING” | While visiting Jacob, John admitted that he would be just like his father when he ambushed a serial killer with fabricated evidence – he would break the rules to get things right, even if that meant he never would had done see June again. He even went so far as to give the rabbi a letter to give to his wife. But when John tried to rescue Janice at dawn before her execution, he found that she was already dead (and turned around). Ginny had tied her up outside the gates with a boombox that boomed to attract hikers. The next morning, John had murder in his eyes when Strand confessed that he had told Ginny that Janice was a flight risk. A brutal fight ensued that would have ended in one shot had Jacob not stopped John from reaching his gun. He definitely wasn’t able to hear from Victor that Ginny would have had them both chased and killed if he’d run away with Janice.

Later, John, who undoubtedly throttled back the bile, stood by Ginny as she spoke on his behalf to the residents of Lawton and gave him a golden key to the future, “our future”. (Was that a reference to Georgie from The Walking Dead because none of it seemed like she?) “I think,” added Ginny, “you will find that this honor gives you many privileges.” For example … the next morning June showed up at John’s door – she had been transferred to Lawton! Eventually Morgan scenes were posted where he found a message from Daniel that revealed Grace was in the gorge. The barber also left his friend Grace’s sweater, which Morgan wanted to make good use of Rufus’ nose with. Before he could, however, their truck was boned by a couple of thugs to get the key that Emile should have given them. After Morgan nastily sent them off, he looked at the key around his neck and wondered aloud, “What the hell are you turning on?” U-boat maybe?

What do you think is the key to this? Weren’t you sorry Janice was killed so quickly? I dug their defiance! And who really killed Cameron? Dakota, right? Hit the comments.

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