Concern TWD Recap: Humorous you making ax

During Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday – a continuation of the amazingly good season – John expected things to take a big turn for himself and his wife June. But at the last second there was … well … an unexpected turnaround that led him to make a change we would never have believed in before Janis’ death. What has he done? Read on to find out.

“TURN OFF SOME FROGS THAT OPEN THINGS YOU WOULD NOT LIKE TO EAT IN A SPECIAL WAY.” | When “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg” began, Virginia and her rangers were chasing a middle-aged runaway and questioning him about a mysterious “she” that was (was?) Of great concern. Instead of providing information about the group that was bubbling with “the end is the beginning”, the woman committed suicide and set the stage for the bad guys [insert episode title here]. From there we learned that June and Sarah, since becoming Ginny’s “employees”, had turned their rig into an unusually large ambulance. But since they were stretched way too thin, they always got where they had to go too late and found themselves able to do too little. (Hence the death of newcomer Malcolm during surgery to remove his appendix and, if I’m not mistaken, the fastest transition ever.) What our heroines really needed was a hospital. No, June had already asked Ginny for one – and was refused.

After John met with June and Sarah, his wife rode him to their next stop: Paradise Ridge. When she expressed her disappointment that she couldn’t help anyone, he suggested … um … you know … “we could go.” He noticed it was only 100 miles from Paradise Ridge to his cabin, and it did he still felt sorry for not accepting Janis on her offer to leave him her and Cameron’s escape plan. When June protested that she wanted to save people, he said in his most sincere way, “You could save me.” Although he wouldn’t tell her the full story of Janis, the idea that he wouldn’t last long if he stayed at Lawton. What about all of your friends? June asked sensibly. “You would want this for her, wouldn’t you?” he answered. That was as good as done until …

“SOME DOGS YOU MUST KNOW WHEN YOU PAST THE PASTURE, JUNE” | … You and Sarah were called to Tank Town. There had been a terrible accident since Ginny tripled production, Lucy explained. When the trio arrived it was a disaster scene. The newest fountain was blown, and if the winds moved – hell if someone farted! – More could go up in flames. Oh, great – and Ginny had shown up with Hill and Marcus, their favorite Rangers, apparently. Anyway, June assured John. They’d help, then they’d take Dodge to hell. As if it would be that easy! Ginny immediately eyed a tank that said “The end is the beginning” and deduced that “someone was up to this”. So no one was taken to safety until she got answers – not even Wes, who had a stomach full of splinters. (Am I the only one who forgot that Wes, who I really love, was on the show in the first place? It’s been a minute!)

After fighting a walker with razor blades on her fingers – well, that’s new! – Ginny refused to see June Wes treated until she interviewed the artist whose bunk was lousy with spray cans. Over and over again, he insisted he didn’t know who “they” were, to the point where June resisted Ginny and sedated him instead of allowing him to continue to be tortured. When it was finally loaded onto the rig, June and Ginny were supposed to follow, but they were trapped in Tank Town by a massive explosion. (Who farted?!?) When they woke up, a stroller got the best of Ginny and kissed more than just her hand. June could amputate, right? “Yes,” she admitted. “But I won’t,” because Ginny had delayed the evacuation and killed even more innocents. Well there!

“You may not like me, but you need me” | After June won the fight over the ax in the hut where she and her archenemy were hidden, she threw back Ginny’s line of “Some dogs, you need to know when to put it down”. Desperate, Ginny pleaded for her case – and tried to paint “them” so that they were more interested in killing than in life. But June was unmoved; She wanted Ginny to die to restore John’s peace of mind. Finally, Ginny asked June to take care of Dakota. It destroyed her to love her sister so much and to be unable to help her. Since that with June thwarted the plan, she snorted, “Don’t make me regret it,” and chopped off Ginny’s hand. Later, when the patient woke up, she seemed much more ready than before to tell June what she knew about “her”. But that was a conversation for another episode.

When June was reunited with Wes, Sarah, and Lucy, her friends all had the same question: Why the hell had she saved Ginny, the bane of her existence? June got the hospital for it, she explained. Um, Sarah said, “That foursome isn’t exactly Johns Hopkins.” June knew that; That’s why she had got Ginny to give her a replacement Marine – or someone who should have been a Marine: Wendell! The siblings were reunited! Of course, John was less enthusiastic than Sarah. “Every time I run,” June explained, “it leads to something worse.” So she wanted to stay and run the hospital. You could hear John’s heart sink. Even so, it was a shock when the group searched for a place and he broke off, apparently ready to let go of June instead of staying in Ginny’s grip.

Impressive. So … what do you think of “bury her next to Jasper’s leg”? Were you surprised that June let Ginny live – for some reason? Did John really leave June … or is he up to something? Hit the comments.

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