Dada Life Drop new single “Rumble Sluggish” and unveil new label Crash & Smile

dada life had a relatively quiet 2020; although they are certainly not the only ones to postpone its release in a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the venerable Swedish duo only released one track in 2020, the rave-ready “This Time (Never Be Alone Again)”. Now Olle and Stefan start in 2021 with another rave banger “Rumble slowlyAnd the announcement of an own record label, Crash & smile.

“Rumble Slow” is a title that was developed for playback at the highest possible volume on massive speakers. The booming synth rhythm and massive kick drums are reminiscent of a time before the big room became mainstream. If you’re a 2010-2012 rave kid, this should be right in your wheelhouse. After the massive drop we get the obligatory piano breakdown and another rapid build-up in the second drop. “Rumble Slow” is bliss on the main stage. Here’s what the guys had to say about what to expect from Crash & Smile records in partnership with Revealed.

“We are very happy to start a new chapter in Dada Land with the Crash & Smile label. It’s a natural step as we feel like something is missing in the music room. We felt that there must be more people than just us who want to break down with a smile on their face! Great melodies and high energy are the essence of what makes us happy! We worked a lot with Hardwell and RevealedIt feels great to be able to do this label with them! We can focus on finding great music like our new release ‘Rumble Slow’ and being creative! “

Check out the latest from Dada Life, Rumble Slow, now at Crash & Smile / Revealed.

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