Dakota Johnson: What to Watch Whereas Streaming If You Like Fifty Shades of Grey

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When it comes to certain actors, sometimes you think of the roles that made them famous. For Harrison Ford, Han Solo comes to mind immediately. For Daniel Radcliffe, I think of Harry Potter and the crazy saga he starred in. However, when it comes to Dakota Johnson I always think of Fifty Shades of Gray. And while it was never my favorite movie in particular, I could always admire Johnson for her acting skills and for other roles she has had in the past.

Just because she is known for the popular explicit series doesn’t mean she hasn’t made other great films. From comedies like 21 Jump Street to horror like Wounds, Johnson has serious reach and it’s a shame people don’t talk about it anymore. But that’s why this list is here so we can talk about Dakota Johnson’s best accomplishments and where to see them.

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