Dan Levy makes SNL debut as Dad Eugene Levy makes a enjoyable cameo

And Levy had a family and Schitt’s Creek reunion during its Saturday Night Live debut.

The actor’s father Eugene Levy, his co-star and co-creator of the Emmy award-winning sitcom, made a cameo during his monologue. Dan gave the viewers a backstage tour, showing off the socially distant minutes of the show in the COVID era. When Eugene flew to New York City from Los Angeles to support his son, it meant he had the privilege of seeing his SNL debut … from a glass “isolation box”. Safety first!

“You flew all the way just to see the show out of some strange box?” Dan asked, to which his dad replied, “I didn’t know anything about the box back then, no. I found out when I landed … Don’t worry about me. I’m fine, OK? Open enough tonight your plate. “

Eugene later asked a man in a white hazmat suit, “Sorry? Could any of you turn me for the stage so I can see the show? Thank you.”

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