Debra Messing says she is offered to play Lucille Ball within the I Love Lucy biopic

Debra Messing seems to agree with I Love Lucy fans about Nicole Kidman, who portrays Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos. The Will & Grace actress now says she is “available” to take on the role. It was announced last week that Kidman will play the legendary comedian in the upcoming bio, and social media exploded. Fans of Ball don’t want Kidman to star in Aaron Sorkin’s film and take over Messing.

Oh no, I am available.

– Debra Messing✍???? (@DebraMessing) January 12, 2021

It seems Debra Messing isn’t in Nicole Kidman’s casting either. A fan asked Messing on social media if she was “not available” to play in “Being the Ricardos,” to which she replied, “Oh no, I’m available.” Messing previously played Lucille Ball in an episode of Will & Grace that impressed everyone and fulfilled a childhood dream of hers. Brass turned to ball and clearly enjoyed emulating one of her greatest comedy influences on the small screen.

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While Debra Messing had previously played Lucille Ball, she stated in a 2020 interview that she wouldn’t be interested in repeating the process for another project. Back then, Debra Messing she said, “wouldn’t even touch” offers to play the legendary comedian in a film because she is simply “untouchable”. However, a lot has changed in one year. When asked about the interview on social media, Messing said, “Ummmmmm, I’ve changed my mind,” and added a winking emoji. The actress is certainly keen to take on the role in Aaron Sorkin’s Being the Ricardos. So it will be interesting when this situation turns into a big fantasy.

I love Lucy fans were brutally honest about how they felt when they heard this Nicole Kidman plays the main role in Be the Ricardos. One fan said, “Seriously. Pick up the damn phone and call Debra Messing right away.” Another fan took a different route, noting, “Lucille Ball was all about comedic, almost elastic, facial expressions. And while Nicole Kidman is all-rounder and beautiful, she … well … can’t move her face.” This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fan reactions on social media, some of which have even attacked Kidman’s looks and acting skills.

As of this writing, Nicole Kidman will play Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos alongside Javier Bardem, who will play Desi Arnaz. I Love Lucy fans weren’t keen on the idea of ​​Bardem taking on the role of Arnaz, either, and many urged Oscar Isaac to take on the role instead. The biopic is set to tell the story of a week behind the scenes of the iconic sitcom, in which Arnaz and Ball face a crisis that could end their marriage and another that could end their careers. A start of production was not announced and there is also no release date. You can read Debra Messing’s official Twitter response to Nicole Kidman’s acquisition above.

Ummmmmm, I’ve changed my mind. ????

– Debra Messing✍???? (@DebraMessing) January 12, 2021

Debra Messing was robbed.

– Valerie Bertinelli (@Wolfiesmom) January 11, 2021

Debra Messing when Nicole Kidman booked the remake I Love Lucy

– Caroline Ullman (@ carole_00) January 11, 2021

I like Nicole Kidman as an actress and surviving marriage to Tom Cruise. But when I think of Lucille Ball, she can’t think of anything.

– Town and Country Web Soap (@ bredrew2) January 11, 2021

Lucille Ball was a very expressive actress and Nicole Kidman hasn’t moved her whole face since Practical Magic

– Deanna (@denisehuxtables) January 11, 2021

Nicole Kidman plays Lucille Ball directed by Aaron Sorkin.

– Ashley (@ littlegnome16) January 11, 2021

This Nicole Kidman remake of I Love Lucy is insane

– Subhah (@Subhah) January 12, 2021

I have and loved it as a kid. But Nicole Kidman shouldn’t be playing Lucille Ball as directed by Aaron Sorkin. It’s going to be such a mess and so bad. ????

– Ashley (@ littlegnome16) January 11, 2021

Nicole Kidman has a lead, and playing Lucille ball isn’t part of it.

– Jay (@ColourMe_Jay) January 11, 2021

Seriously. Grab the damn phone and call @DebraMessing now.

– BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) January 11, 2021

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