Discovering ‘Ohana Trailer Teases Netflix Household Journey Film

It’s ‘The Goonies’ in Hawaii and I’m here for that.


Netflix just dropped the trailer for their upcoming family adventure film Find Ohana, about two Brooklyn children traveling to Oahu for a vacation discovering both their Hawaiian heritage and a treasure hunt adventure. It looks very similar The goonies in Hawaii, and I’m extremely here for it.

Directed by Jew Weng based on a script by a renowned comic book writer Christina Strainthe film follows the Pili siblings (Kea Peahu) and Ioane (Alex Aiono) visiting their grandfather in Oahu for the summer. Both are struggling to adapt to life on the island when they suddenly learn that their grandfather is about to lose the family home. Pili discovers an old diary telling them the location of a legendary hidden treasure, and she and Ioane set out to find it and save their grandfather’s house. You will be accompanied by some other brave children, as is the case with these films, and you will have to outwit the elaborate traps and possibly some angry ghosts on your way to the prey.

The trailer is charming and fun, not least because of the fact that it takes place in a literal island paradise that is incredibly attractive to someone who has looked at the same four walls for the past 10 months. It wears its clear Goonies influence on its sleeve, including a scene that recreates and actually has the iconic poster of the classic Ke Huy Quan in the cast. (Quan played Data, the exciting creator of the Goonies.) While obviously inspired by the movie, Finding ‘Ohana seems to take advantage of Hawaii’s unique culture and heritage to create a treasure hunt adventure that has a great deal of identity. Check out the trailer below. Finding ‘Ohana debuts on Netflix on January 29th.

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