Disney + Success cheered on Netflix co-founders and is tremendous impressed

The streaming wars build as Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Hulu corner some of the online action that was previously the domain of Netflix. A new streaming service seriously threatening Netflix’s dominance is Disney +, which has added 86.8 million subscribers to its service thanks to massive brand awareness. While Netflix is ​​still ahead of the game with 203.7 million subs, the company’s founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings recently paid tribute to the achievements of Disney +.

“It’s super impressive what Disney has done. It’s an incredible accomplishment for an incumbent to spin … that’s great. And it shows that members are interested and willing to pay more for more content because of that.” they’re hungry for great stories. And Disney has some great stories. ”
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While Netflix is ​​far more original than Disney +, the Mouse Empire is the most powerful studio in the history of cinema, with a brand awareness that is unrivaled in any part of the world. For his part, Hastings says Netflix intends to catch up with Disney on family content, pointing out that the competitor’s family-friendly image means Netflix cannot offer as varied content as Netflix.

“”[Inside the company] It is driving us to increase our membership, increase our content budget, and it will be great for the world that Disney and Netflix compete show after show, film after film. We’re very excited to catch them in family animations – maybe we’ll overtake them at some point, we’ll see a long way to catch them – and keep our lead in the general entertainment that is so stimulating. [An example is the Shonda Rhimes-created Bridgerton]which I don’t think you’ll be seeing on Disney anytime soon. ”

While Disney has been known to keep its distance from any kind of graphic violence or nudity in its shows or films, this may gradually change. It was recently confirmed that Deadpool 3 has been lit green by the studio and that the film will maintain its franchisee’s R rating.

Last year there were also rumors that Disney + would soon be releasing an 18+ section on its website to host more adult content, including the huge list of films Mouse Empire acquired after purchasing Fox studio. Of course, Disney knows it has to open up its world to more than kid-friendly content if it is to compete with other studios.

For now, Netflix continues to have a comfortable lead over Disney + when it comes to paying subscribers, so the company needn’t have immediate concerns about being outshone by its new rival. As Spencer Wang, head of investor relations at Netflix, pointed out, many of the subscribers who count for Disney + total points technically belong to a very different service.

“Not taking anything away from what Disney did because it was amazing and I’m a happy customer myself, but 30% of their 87 million paid subscribers were hot stars [in India]I think we all realize that this is a different service. ”

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